3 Great Ways to Beat Procrastination at Work
by Peter Murphy

The issue of overcoming procrastination at work could be 
more important today than ever before.

As more tasks become automated due to advances in 
technology there is a general expectation, whether it is 
realistic or not, that productivity should increase as well.

Everyone seems to have more work than can possibly be done 
in a day and this pressure can result in feelings of being 
overwhelmed which in turn leads to procrastination at work 
which can actually decrease productivity if not properly 

Although there are hundreds of reasons why we procrastinate 
and put off difficult tasks, one of the most common reasons 
people procrastinate is because they are simply overwhelmed 
by a task which seems too large in scope to complete. And 
so the natural response is simply to put off ever getting 

There are four ways to effectively overcome procrastination 
in this situation...

1. Break your tasks down into multiple and smaller more 
manageable units and then focus on each unit moving from 
one to the next as each task is completed.

As you complete each unit of work the success will motivate 
you to move on to the next one.

With this being said, be careful to not lose sight of the 
final objective. This leads to the next tip for beating 
procrastination at work.

2. Do each unit or task one at a time.

A woman I know recently lost her husband. She had never 
worked day in her life and due to the circumstances of her 
husband's death she was unable to collect his life 
insurance policy.

Being in this difficult financial situation forced her to 
have to find a job and to make an already difficult 
situation worse she had no work experience or education.

She eventually found a job at a local nursery. She was told 
the job would be pulling weeds. Although the wages were not 
that great, the job certainly sounded easy enough.

You can imagine the feelings of being overwhelmed as she 
stood before a great field as far as she could and was told 
she was to pull all of the weeds throughout the field.

She was completely overwhelmed by what appeared to be an 
impossible task. While many would have said "There is no 
way I am doing this" and quit, she was determined to 
succeed and told herself that she would simply begin by 
doing one at a time.

This is excellent advice for beating procrastination at 
work. You can manage huge work loads if you focus on one at 
a time.

3. Set aside quiet time to work on the particular project 
so that you will not be interrupted. Frequent interruptions 
can easily cause us to lose focus which then takes time to 
get back.

For larger more complex projects it is also important to 
schedule this quiet time during a period of the day when 
you are fresh and thinking clearly.

For many, first thing in the morning is the best time for 
complex projects that require analytical thinking or 
problem-solving, while the afternoon is a better time to 
work on more mundane projects.

By incorporating these three techniques into your work day 
you will be able to put a stop to procrastination at work 
caused by large overwhelming projects.

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