How to Stay Motivated Until You Get What You Want
by Peter Murphy

Was there a time when you were completely motivated to

And somehow you knew how to stay motivated...

Goals are mysterious things - they spring into our minds
motivating us to succeed, fuel fires of fantasy about
success and new found happiness, initiate an almost manic
effort to move our lives forward, and then - suddenly the
fire goes out.

What once motivated you to succeed, drove you to get up
early and work late, now weighs in your mind as a failure
in the wings.

Don't despair.

The aftermath of the best intentions often feels like
failure, but a few simple questions to yourself every day
will provide the motivation to carry you through until your
goal's completion.

Step 1: Repeat goal aloud.

Repeat it again. And again. Simple statements repeated
aloud and often can trigger the subconscious into action.

Choose your goal, and pick strong words that inspire you.
As you say them aloud, pay attention to what the words
mean. If your goal is to practice the bassoon, say aloud "I
will practice the bassoon and make beautiful music!" or "I
will make my bassoon sing!"

Each statement rephrases the initial goal, but does so in a
way that refreshes and revitalizes the initial excitement
of your goal.

Step 2: Tell a good friend about your goal.

Talk openly about why you wanted to pursue your goal in the
first place, and what you hoped to achieve.

Talking with someone about possible outcomes and the steps
along the way can make the goal more realistic in your

Each time you talk to someone, the goal becomes less
a secret desire, and more a route you have chosen that your
friends can encourage you on.

Step 3: Even if you don't feel like it, do it anyways!

There are mornings we all loathe getting out of bed, but
hitting snooze once more will not get the paperwork done
any earlier, finish our paper route, or see us to success.

Feelings are not facts, but they can catch up to the facts
in time - doing what you know you ought will eventually
bring you a feeling of satisfaction as well as of relief.

Step 4: Reward Yourself!

When you complete a step in your overall plan, reward
yourself. Little rewards along the way can make the overall
job seem more attainable.

Rewards do not have to be overly expensive to provide a
boost. Allow yourself a night off if you make three cold
calls, or give yourself a manicure once you have completed
your thank-you card list.

The goal is important, but the path you take can be where
the fun is. As you think about what arena of life you wish
to succeed in, remind yourself how capable you are.

Goals are meant to stretch us and push into places we would
not ordinarily go. Let the journey help you grow as a

Recognize that, although you will not always feel the same
level of motivation, an unwavering commitment can make all
the difference and you can stay motivated to succeed.

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