That One Thing That Guarantees Your Unlimited Motivation And Success
by Peter Murphy

What can you do when you do not feel like getting started? When procrastination takes over...

We all know what that feels like. You sit there staring at the 
mountain of work in front of you while your mind screens a 
horror movie of toil and effort.

I am sure you have tried making a list of things to do but the 
problem is the longer the list the harder it is to get started.

Well, listen I have a very effective remedy you can use 
whenever you feel this way.

Find That One Thing You CAN Do Now.

Now, it does not matter how small a task that one thing is. 
Select one thing you feel capable of starting and completing.

Let me give you an example.

Last week I was sitting at my desk ready to get stuck into a 
new project but I just could not get started and my mind kept 

Then it hit me...

There was such a huge pile of papers, books and notes on my 
desk that the clutter was driving me crazy.

I picked up that pile of paperwork and deposited it on a 
different desk in my office.

Notice that I did not sort through the pile and file it away. 
I did one thing!

Now, at that stage I had started and completed one task that 
would help me to make progress on my project. I then picked 
one other thing I could do NOW.

Little by little I found myself starting and making progress 
on the project without giving myself a hard time.

This is easy to do. And it gives you a sense of achievement 
and gradual progress towards the successful outcome you have 
in mind.

You Can Use This Simple Motivation Approach Today...

1. Pick a task you want completed but do not feel like 

2. Ask yourself - what is the one thing I CAN do now?

i.e. you feel capable of doing it and it is effortless for you 
to do so right now.

3. Do it!

4. Repeat step 2. Ask yourself again - what is the one thing I 
CAN do now?

This works as long as you use these steps without putting 
yourself under pressure. Remember that even a tiny step 
forward is still a step forward. And each one builds your 

Do not force yourself to raise the stakes in a big way every 
time you go back to the question - what is the one thing I CAN 
do now?

Simply do that one thing you know you can do and repeat the 
process. You will become more motivated as the momentum builds.

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