How to Stay Motivated Day In and Day Out...

If I could tell you one thing to help you to be highly 
motivated this would be it...

Staying motivated requires a daily ritual.

In other words, motivation is not a one-time event. To stay 
motivated you need to do certain things each day to stay 

I was reading some tips recently - written by an extremely 
successful business man. He has risen to the top in two 
different and very competitive industries so I assumed he 
was one of those naturally driven people.

I was wrong.

Everyday he has certain rituals he counts on to keep 
himself motivated. Here are three tips you can start using 

1. Spend at least five minutes a day on your goals.

Review your goals for the day and for the week. Then 
imagine them as already achieved in your mind. See 
the successful outcomes, hear people praising you, and feel 
the glow of success.

Do this each day and you will stay focused even when you 
have setbacks. You will stay motivated over time.

2. Meditate each day.

Take time each day to be still. Meditate, listen to 
relaxing music or find another way that works for you and 
give yourself some time just for you.

Turn off the TV, turn off the radio, let the phone ring out 
and take a break from the demands people place on you each 

Use this time to reflect on what you are doing and on what 
you want to do next.

Very often, you will feel recharged and ready for action 
after even 10 minutes, And you will often come up with 
great new ideas for handling the problems you face.

When you feel refreshed it is easier to stay motivated.

This time invested in peace of mind will leave you feeling 
renewed. And the more time you put into this the greater 
the benefits.

3. Feed your mind positive information.

Make a point each day of reading a book or listening to a 
tape to learn something new.

Spending time on personal development each day will help to 
build your belief in what is possible for you.

In a world where so many people are negative we need to 
counteract it with positive input every day, not just now 
and again.

One final point...

If possible do not tune into the news when you are waking 
up in the morning. Give yourself an hour before bombarding 
your mind with negative news stories.

You have all day to follow the news if you want to. Just 
give your mind a chance to focus before letting others 
direct your thinking.

Use these simple tips each day and you will stay motivated.

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