14 Reasons To Get Motivated And Stay Motivated

by Peter Murphy

Why should you bother to spend your valuable time to learn 
how to get motivated and stay motivated?

Here´s why.

Your quality of life will change dramatically when you take 
charge of how motivated you feel in any given moment.

Family and friends will respect you more and see you in a 
whole new light. And deadline frenzy will be a thing of the 

There are several good reasons to learn the secrets to 
getting motivated and staying motivated.

What Learning How To Get Motivated And Stay Motivated Can 
Do For You

1. Earn the respect of your boss and colleagues. As a 
dependable and productive member of the team people will 
appreciate you and seek your valuable advice on important 

2. Understand what motivates you and enjoy greater success. 
When you discover your unique motivation blueprint getting 
ahead will never be a mystery again. You can fire up your 
motivation engine whenever you choose to.

3. Save money by getting things done on time. You will 
eliminate those late fees, fines and charges that 
procrastinators waste their hard earned money on.

4. Enjoy a more harmonious home life. Imagine hearing 
praise and gratitude for all the little things you get done 
around the house. You will enjoy a satisfying feeling of 
accomplishment at the end of each evening.

5. Feel in charge of you life. As you get more done with 
ease you will have order where you used to have chaos. You 
will know what you want and feel compelled to move ahead 
and get it.

6. Start new projects with enthusiasm and stay motivated 
over time. When you can see things through to completion 
you will have renewed confidence in your ability to succeed.

7. Stay motivated in the face of challenges and negative 
people. Setbacks and unsupportive colleagues or friends 
will make you even more determined when you know how to 
stay motivated.

8. Avoid the criticism, endless nagging and moaning of 
those around you. When you easily and effortlessly get 
things done you give people little reason to criticize you. 
In fact they are likely to give you more freedom to do 
things your way.

9. Stop things getting any worse. When you know how to be 
highly motivated in a matter of seconds, you can turn 
around situations you have neglected in the past.

10. Develop leadership skills and positively affect those 
around you. Your drive and enthusiasm will touch everyone 
you deal with. People will turn to you for leadership and 

11. Eliminate problems while they are small. You will deal 
with potential problems and concerns sooner rather than 
later. This habit alone will put you back in control.

12. Put an end to regrets. Become the kind of person who 
jumps on opportunities. And enjoy the excitement and 
passion you feel when you are giving 100%.

13. Move ahead quickly in your career. When you can calmly 
and efficiently get your work done, you position yourself 
for more responsibility and a higher salary.

14. Feel fantastic about yourself. As a motivated 
self-starter your self-esteem will soar. You will 
accomplish much more, have greater success and live a full 

Motivation is an essential life skill and you can 
discover how to be motivated and stay motivated.

Although some lucky people seem to be born highly 
motivated, if you are of at least average intelligence you 
can learn how to be motivated. No matter how unmotivated 
you have been up to now.

The secret to being motivated is to discover the motivation 
blueprint that is right for you.

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