How To Quickly And Easily Stop Procrastinating And Get Motivated 
by Peter Murphy

Do you spend more time procrastinating than you do 
accomplishing? The keys to success in overcoming 
procrastination are to determine the reasons you lack 
motivation in the first place, to create a plan for 
success, and follow the plan to the letter.

You can follow some practical steps and make permanent 
changes in your life. Start living up to your true 
potential by rising to a new level of motivation, energy, 
and dedication.

People procrastinate for different reasons ranging from 
fear of failure (or success) to just plain lazy. 

By first identifying some of the reasons you procrastinate, 
you can develop a plan to end your frustration, finally get 
motivated, and stay motivated.

A major component of motivation is self-confidence. Fear 
of failure, fear of rejection, and feeling unworthy or 
undeserving are common reasons people procrastinate. 

Taking steps to improve your self-esteem will go a long way 
in helping you get motivated.

Two things in particular motivate human beings: pleasure 
and pain. Make a list of the pleasure you'll get from 
accomplishing your goals. Also list the consequences 
you'll suffer by procrastinating.

If you keep the reward in mind it will be easier to stay 
focused. Evaluate your life and do some soul searching. 
Overcoming irrational fears and phobias are critical steps 
in becoming self-confident and motivated.

The act of procrastinating itself causes your self-esteem 
to suffer. Feelings of guilt, stress, and anxiety only 
lead to unfulfilled goals and dreams. 

If you dislike yourself because you lack the courage to 
pursue your dreams, then you set yourself up for failure.

Take a good look at your personal issues and make your 
plan. Give your goals and daily tasks your full attention 
and strive to complete everything on your list, each and 
every day.

Procrastination is a habitual behavior. Once you start 
procrastinating the harder it is to break the habit. It 
takes time and dedication to develop new habits. If you 
understand what causes you to procrastinate, you can take 
steps to change.

Improving your self-esteem and breaking old habits will put 
you on the path to success. Reward yourself for small 
accomplishments and keep in mind the end result of reaching 
your goals. 

Procrastination can be overcome if you make a plan to change
and follow it closely. If you fail to complete a given task, 
then don't take the reward. Realize that there are 
consequences for every action you take.

There is connection between physical and emotional well 
being. Taking steps to better your health will help you to 
stay motivated and stop procrastinating. Exercise, 
maintain a healthy diet, and concentrate on good health 
habits as well as good mental and work habits.

If you are feeling bad, whether emotionally or physically, 
you accomplish less, which makes you feel even worse.

Overcoming procrastination is perhaps one of the most 
important steps you can take to improve your life and 
become the motivated, successful person you are capable of 

You have to let go of your old personality and ways of 
doing things to change, quit procrastinating and get 

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