How to Give Yourself a Motivational Warm Up When You Wake Up! (personal motivation tips)

by Peter Murphy

What is the worst thing you can do when you start your day? Wake up feeling exhausted and expect yourself to perform at 100% from the moment you get up in the morning; and then compare how you are doing during the day against this unrealistic benchmark. This is no way to ensure personal motivation.

There is a better way to have great personal motivation!

As you wake up in the morning take charge of your thoughts in that early morning awareness before you fully awake. Do this before you get up out of bed by repeating some affirmations. Affirmations work very well WHEN you say them with strong feelings in a state of deep relaxation.

If you have heard about affirmations before and never got the maximum benefit from them it is because you did not know how to take a very simple approach and supercharge it.

Supercharging affirmations depends on four factors:

- Phrasing affirmations in the right way

- Choosing ones that are right for you

- Saying them while in a state of deep relaxation

- Speaking them with strong feeling

When you use affirmations correctly their impact will last for at least a few hours - long enough to get you started on the day ahead. And an excellent way to have personal motivation.

Pay close attention now because I am going to reveal details of some of my personal and very private habits...

I use the following affirmations to help me get up in a positive state of mind:

- Positive thoughts bring me the benefits I desire

- Negative thoughts have no influence over me

- Everyday and in everyway I am getting better and better


To start the day with confidence...

- I am confident and charming with the people I meet

- I radiate confidence and relaxation

- I start great conversations easily and effortlessly

- I approve of myself and feel great about myself

- I have sky-high self-esteem


You can do the same to have better personal motivation...

Remember to say these affirmations with feeling and do so quietly inside your head while in that relaxed awakening state.

Unless I use this ritual each morning I tend to feel negative about the day ahead. The difference from feeling negative to feeling positive is huge for the sake of those few minutes in the morning.

You can also go one step further and imagine the day ahead working out well. See yourself doing your best and easily dealing with challenges. Imagine yourself feeling confident and behaving in that way no matter who you deal with.

Imagine you will have a great day in this way and you are directing your unconscious to make it happen in the language it understands best - feelings and images. Imagine how good your personal motivation will be!

Forget about will power. Will power is a waste of time because its like talking to the most powerful part of your mind in a language it does not understand.

The key to success is to discover breakthrough ways of using your mind and to use these strategies daily. Enjoy a new life of high personal motivation!

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