How to Stay Motivated Despite Negative People

by Peter Murphy

Getting motivated is sometimes easy enough to do, at least 
for short periods of time, but staying motivated can be a 
lot harder to do.

And when you add into the mix the presence of negative 
people it is really not surprising that your motivation can 
fizzle out despite your best intentions.

What can you do?

1. Do Not Discuss Your Dreams with Negative People

Only share your hopes, dreams and goals with people who 
will be supportive of your plans. Making your dreams come 
true is like tending to a garden.

You have to give the plants the nutrients, water and 
sunlight they need to grow i.e. for you this means - the 
resources, mental focus and energy to create something new.

And you have to pay constant attention to weeding and 
eradicating bugs that will over run your garden if you are 
not vigilant. i.e. protect your dreams from negative people 
by not exposing your plans to their toxic words and 

2. When You Get Stuck Seek Advice from People Who Can Help

Very often when you get stuck you will turn to whoever is 
nearby for encouragement and advice. This can be a big 
mistake if that person has no vision and a limited sense of 

Only ask for advice from people who are qualified to help 
you. When you act on good advice you know you are doing the 
right things and staying motivated will be easy.

Whereas when someone with no relevant knowledge or no sense 
of possibility advises you it makes sense to be unmotivated.

Why take action on bad advice? Why even try if that person 
cannot see things working out?

Avoid this negative world view by carefully deciding who to 
get advice from.

3. Switch Off Your Own Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts can be like a virus that just keeps on 
spreading. If people around you are negative it is only 
normal for you to lose a little of your own enthusiasm and 

You may even start to have a few nagging negative thoughts 
of you own.

Be careful!

One such negative thought leads to another, and another...

You need to switch off these negative thoughts ASAP or else 
your motivation will fizzle away to nothing.

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