The Simple Secret To Lasting Motivation
by Peter Murphy

We all want lasting motivation and it is easy to have it. 

It is easy for psychologists to predict how successful you 
will be by observing who you spend your time with. Why is 
this true? Because your peer group exerts a massive 
influence over your behavior and your aspirations.

This is a key to lasting motivation and beating procrastination.

If you have friends who are highly driven business people, 
spend time with them whenever you want a motivational 
boost. You will feel charged up and more ambitious after 
meeting them. And itís fun.

Of course if all you did was talk business every evening 
your life would become one-dimensional pretty quickly.

At the other end of the spectrum you can also socialize 
with people who drift through life with no dreams for the 
future with no goals that really excite them.

Still, these are good people and you can enjoy their 
company. I do know however that if you spend all your time 
with your unmotivated friends you will over time question 
your drive and ambition.

Eventually you will become less inclined to set inspiring 
goals for the future and one day you might even give up on 
wanting to grow as a person.

Who are you spending your time with? At work? In your 
leisure time?

There is a time and place for everyone and you can still 
enjoy the company of a wide range of people. Just bear in 
mind that if you gradually spend more time with positive, 
ambitious people their enthusiasm will rub off on you.

Donít believe me?

Think of the most motivated people you know! What kind of
people do they spend most of their time with?

Whenever you feel stuck and unable to spring into action 
make contact with the positive, motivated people you know.

Even a phone call will help give you a boost.

If possible spend time with these dynamic people on a 
regular basis to keep the momentum alive and over time you 
will find it easier to adopt the habit of taking action on 
your goals and dreams.

And lasting motivation will become normal for you.

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