The True Cost Of A Lack of Motivation 
by Peter Murphy

Today I want to tell you why you absolutely have to
take charge of self-motivation.

And what a lack of motivation means..

As you read this article you will start to understand why a
lack of motivation is costing you even more than you

As you read the story below notice how much you have in
common with me...

Growing up I never really had much trouble getting things
done. I was told what to do by my parents or by my teachers
and I did what was expected of me because it was the easiest
choice for me.

Getting punished never appealed to me very much.

Then as I got older and especially when I joined the
workforce I could get away with doing less and with leaving
things until the deadline approached.

In fact in one company where I worked it made no sense
finishing work before the deadlines because management kept
moving the goal posts.

And very often I worked with people who refused to stretch
themselves. This culture of doing as little as you can and
appearing to be productive slowly dragged me down.

Over the years as a result of experiences like these I
developed bad habits.

One of those habits was a lack of motivation habit.

I can see now how a few bad choices in how I approached work
affected all aspects of my life.

The same may be true for you...

What we did over the years was create bad habits that need
to be given up and replaced with a new way of behaving.

Do you realize what these bad habits have cost you in your

1. You missed the sense of accomplishment and the
satisfaction that comes with succeeding on a big scale.

2. You lost the respect of your peers and you are excluded
from the winners circle.

3. You no longer feel in control of your destiny and in
fact you are a victim of circumstance.

4. You earn far less than people of lesser intelligence and

5. You worry about the future because you fear you may not
be able to deal with things.

A lack of motivation is a bad habit you can and must change.

Now is the time to take charge of this situation. I can tell
you from my own experience that nothing will change until
you decide to change.

And nothing will improve until you improve it...

You owe it to yourself and to the people who care about you
to seize the day and make your life something to be proud

The satisfaction that comes from living life on your own
terms is a wonderful gift you deserve to enjoy. And you
will only have this once you know how to motivate yourself
to create the life you dream of.

My income jumped, my social life improved dramatically and
new opportunities for having even more of what I wanted all
came about for me. But only after I learned the secrets of
self-motivation and how to kill a lack of motivation.

The world did not change. Other people did not change. I

Only When YOU change will your world change for the better.

Before I go...

Think of those people who look down on your lack of progress
and take you for granted. Think of that sense you have of
not been in control.

All of these feelings of dissatisfaction are not going to
disappear-- in fact they will dominate your life as the
years pass you by.

These issues are not going to go away all by themselves.

I tried the wait and see approach - it does not work!

Thankfully there is a solution, a proven way of taking
charge of your life and developing self-motivation.

*** Motivation is an essential life skill and you can
discover how to be motivated and stay motivated. ***

Although some lucky people seem to be born highly
motivated, if you are of at least average intelligence you
can learn how to be motivated.

No matter how unmotivated you have been up to now.

The secret to being motivated is to discover the motivation
blueprint that is right for you.

Imagine no longer having a lack of motivation!

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