5 Great Ways To Overcome Procrastination At Home
by Peter Murphy

If you procrastinate at home you may suffer some 
consequences from disgruntled family members who have to 
carry your share of the workload.

A worst-case scenario is that your procrastination and lack 
of motivation may carry over to other members of your 
family, resulting in absolutely nothing being done.

All the disorganization and clutter in your home will most 
likely result in chaos and disarray to the point you have 
no clean clothes to wear and can't find your books or 

However, all is not lost because you can learn how to 
overcome procrastination at home by following a few simple 

1. Make a list of tasks that must be done daily, weekly, 
monthly and so on. Then think about how each task can be 

For example, the first thing you normally do when you get 
home is change into comfortable clothing.

You can eliminate one task right here by hanging up your 
clothes when you take them off instead of waiting until 
bedtime, when you most likely will throw them over the back 
of a chair.

2. Once you have made your task list, prioritize each list.

It could go something like this:

(1) talk and listen to your children and/or spouse to learn 
about their day;

(2) get dinner started (you already know what cook because 
previously you made menus and shopped for food;

(3) make some time to talk to family members while dinner 
is cooking;

(4) immediately after dinner clear the table and load the 
dishwasher instead of waiting;

(5) do other necessary chores such as laundry while helping 
children with homework. This list is an example only; your 
list may be entirely different. The important thing is to 
get it done.

3. Prevention is the key to having less to do around the 
house. Put mats down around all entrances to prevent dirt 
from being tracked into the house, thus making vacuuming 

Some other preventive measures you can take now to lighten 
your load and help you overcome procrastination at home are 
so simple you'll wonder why you didn't think of them sooner.

4. Ask family members to break all habits that result in 
messes, and minimize those that can't be helped. Become 
aware of the messes around the house and analyze the reason 
for them.

You can coat some surfaces with a sealant to keep them 
looking shiny and new and make cleaning easier.

If you have surfaces that can't be cleaned such as a wall 
with flat latex paint, you can repaint with a cleanable 
paint or cover it with a washable wallpaper. Seal off 
crevices and cracks that let dust and pests get into your 

5. Other tips include avoiding high-low carpet patterns and 
embossed floor tile; it collects dirt and is hard to clean.

Indoor-outdoor carpet also shows every piece of lint or 
dirt that gets on it (and it really doesn't add much 
fashion to your floor anyway).

Elaborately textured ceilings and walls collect dust and 
cobwebs and should be avoided.

Other elements to avoid include unfinished wood that shows 
stains, dark colors on floors, furniture and countertops, 
and large collections that have to be moved around to clean.

With a little forethought and ingenuity, you can teach 
yourself and family members to simplify your lives and 
learn how to overcome procrastination at home.

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