How to Get Motivated and Have Industrial Strength Self-Motivation

It is not your fault if popular self-help courses have never
worked for you over the long term. 

How to get motivated is not adequately dealt with.


Because generally speaking there are problems with the
material you have read and listened to in these courses:

To appeal to a wider audience the self-help experts often
leave out the more complex and the more powerful concepts
and techniques - the best ones for getting motivated!

Instead you get a burst of short term inspiration that
cannot and will not last. While the best material is only
taught to a small group of enthusiasts who are willing to
pay extra for it.

The irony is that the most powerful techniques, although
sometimes unusual, are understandable and effective for most
people. As long as you are taught a step-by-step approach
you can follow to get motivated.

It is usually the explanation of why it works that leaves
people totally confused. But as long as you have the how-to
you can start getting results right away and get motivated.

As a result of the decision to leave out the best material
you end up learning some simple ideas that work only when
you already feel positive and dynamic.

For example, someone tells you to get motivated and to give
it your best. If you are feeling unmotivated a pep talk
like that will do you very little good.

Imagine what it would be like if instead you could tune in
your motivation in the same way you tune in a TV. Well you
can once you know how to.

And this is possible for you only when you discover the step
by step approach that unleashes the dormant motivation power
inside you.

Knowing what to do is very different from knowing how to do

Many self help courses teach you what to do but not how to
do it or how to stay motivated over time.

As a result you may feel wiser AND more frustrated! At least
before you did not know what to do --- now you know what to
do but cannot do it.

Stay clear of any material that does not focus on the how to
of motivation. And make sure you get the key distinctions
you need to master the strategies.

For example, we have all heard a lot about the importance of
goal setting. And we might even write our goals down and
review them from time to time.

But how do you explain your lack of interest in pursuing
your goals? Your lack of motivation?

It is because an essential element is missing from the goal
setting process.

Unless your goals are in alignment with your highest values
and they feel right for you it is highly unlikely you will
achieve them.

In fact, you may sabotage your efforts to get ahead. And all
your work will be characterized by lethargy and seemingly
never ending and tiring effort.

To sum up - look for practical self-motivation material that
takes powerful processes and breaks them down into simple
step by step systems.

And realize that knowing what to do is pointless unless you
know how to.

Spend a little time each day conditioning your mind and you
will be astounded at your rapid progress....

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