2 Simple Ways To Cure Procrastination
by Peter Murphy

Curing procrastination is about overcoming fear. If you can 
conquer the fears which are causing you to put off 
important projects you will be well on your way to curing 

Curing procrastination is not necessarily about will power 
or forcefully advancing in your goals but rather it is 
about learning why we procrastinate, what we are afraid of 
and finding ways to face those fears in order to move 
forward in our lives.

What are you afraid of?

1. Fear of Failure.

The fear of failure is by far the most obvious fear which 
can cause disabling procrastination. This is especially 
true as it pertains to our professional lives, careers, and 
for college students their assignments.

If the fear of failure is causing you to put off a task 
then what you need to do is sit down and think carefully 
about all of the possible outcomes if indeed you fail.

Actually, first consider what does it mean to fail? If you 
can not answer this question then you have nothing to fear 
and your task of curing procrastination is finished.

If you can certainly imagine failing in the given task then 
consider for a minute what is the worst possible 
consequence of failing.

Make peace with this, accept it and you have nothing more 
to fear. The Samurai of early Japan taught themselves to 
make peace with the fact that they could die at any time.

By doing this they eliminated almost all other fears -- 
because, of course, what could be worse than that. They 
certainly learned the trick to curing procrastination.

2. Fear of Success.

If you think that maybe your procrastination is being 
caused by your fear of success then curing procrastination 
becomes all that much easier.

Why are you afraid of success?

Chances are you want success but you fear that you will not 
be able to live up to the responsibilities of success and 
everything it brings.

Or maybe, you are aware that success will bring negative 
consequences in addition to positive things. If you are to 
succeed in curing procrastination then you must come to 
terms with what to expect with success and weigh the good 
versus the bad.

If the undesired results outweigh the bad then just decide 
not to do the project at all and you have just succeed in 
one thing ...... curing procrastination. You see if you remove 
a task from your plate then there is no longer anything to 
procrastinate about.

Curing procrastination is not impossible and it is within 
everyone's reach. It is really a mind game. In summary, 
curing procrastination is possible when you face your fears 
head on and eliminate them with an understanding of why you 
are afraid.

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