3 Basic Types of Procrastination

Procrastination, at an early stage, is not noticeable that much.  Putting off a simple thing later is already procrastinating.  Like putting back the nail cutter on its proper place after using it.  We just tend to put it anywhere, sometimes in a subconscious way.  But later on, procrastination becomes a problem.  It causes us not to finish our tasks or worse, it will cause us to fail on our goals or dreams in life.  Actually, I just found the three basic types of procrastinators according to Joseph Ferrari, Ph.D.:

1. Arousal Types – they are also known as the thrill-seekers.  They are those who wait for the last minute to finish their task or the things they could have done earlier on.

2. Avoiders – these are the types who avoid fear of failure or even the fear of success.  They are concerned of what others think of them.  In other words, they are the ones who wants to play safe.

3. Decisional Procrastinators – they are those who cannot make a decision.  By not making a decision, they free themselves of the responsibility for the outcome of events.

These types of procrastinators do not lack the ability to manage their time effectively.  They are not even born as one but their procrastination is developed through time.  These procrastinators cannot solve their procrastination problems easily.  It will take much time and effort.  But even more so, the important thing is that it can actually be solved.