3 Clever Ways To Stop Procrastinating
by Peter Murphy

Stopping procrastination can be challenging, especially 
since you can't put it off until tomorrow! Most people who 
procrastinate did not do so overnight. Like any other bad 
habit, procrastination starts small and builds itself up.

Returning to a more dependable lifestyle however is 
possible. Follow these simple steps below and eventually, 
with dedication and self discipline your procrastination 
should be under control and your tomorrows will be a little 
less full!

Step #1 Start Small.

Usually if people procrastinate in their business lives 
they also procrastinate in their personal life too and vice 

Start small by making an everyday to do list. Examples 
include, but are not limited to; taking out the trash, 
doing the dishes, hanging up clothes, and maybe even 
littler things like making the bed or tidying up the living 

When you have things under control at a personal level it 
is easier to get things under control at a business level.

Getting yourself into the routine of not putting things off 
at home will be difficult since the home is the easiest 
place to procrastinate: it is always there, you always have 
an extra day to work on it, and no one besides you or those 
who live you will know what you are putting off.

However, if you have noticed, the places that we feel most 
comfortable in are the easiest to begin a bad habit and 
also the hardest place to get rid of that bad habit.

A smoker's hardest place to deal with is their personal 
space and yours is too. So take control and shape yourself 
up at home to start the process of stopping procrastination.

Step #2 Take control at work.

No doubt if you are a procrastinator at home then you 
usually have things piling up at work to do or you find 
yourself at the end of the day hurrying to get things done 
that you should have done that morning or the day before.

Well stop that!

Make a list, just like you did for at home. Start the day 
by making a list of things you must check off by a certain 
time in the day.

For example, say you want to get the reports done on time 
that usually you put off until the end of the day. Make a 
list and note that reports must be checked off by 10:00 
that morning.

At first you may find yourself racing and checking off that 
item on the list right at ten or slightly before but keep 
at it and you just might find yourself checking off your 
list long before the time its due!

Practice makes perfect and the more you practice and being 
on time the easier it gets and soon it becomes as second 
habit as procrastination is or hopefully used to be.

Step #3 If All else fails, weight the guilty consequences.

You know how mad you feel or even embarrassed when you have 
pushed yourself to the last minute or even past the last 

Whenever you feel yourself giving into the urge to 
procrastinate just remember that feeling and predict how 
you will feel the next day when you are faced with your 
normal circumstances plus those you have avoided and waited 
to do. A very simple form of self discipline but a very 
effective one.

Stopping procrastination isn't always easy but it can be 
done. Follow these steps diligently; just be careful to get 
started today even if only in a small way.

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