Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Inner Winner Secret

by Peter Murphy

You are capable of much more than you are currently
demonstrating in your life. Deep down you know that.

The challenge is knowing how to activate your inner winner
- that part of you that is destined for greatness. What you
need is a simple yet practical way to draw out your
capacity for inspired action, your ability to be in the
flow getting things done while enjoying the moment.

Why not do what the very successful do? i.e. use the fear
of embarrassment to help you achieve your goals. I know
this sounds unusual. Bear with me a moment.

Here´s how it works....

1. Choose a critical task

Pick something you really need to get done but are avoiding.
This can be in your career or personal life. Just be sure
to select a task you care about completing. It´s best if
the pressure is already building!

2. Tell a trusted friend what you will achieve

The key is to tell someone whose respect and approval you
don´t want to lose. By setting things up in this way
winning their continued approval becomes more urgent and
important to you than the task itself.

If you choose the kind of person who will never let you
forget your failure to follow through you will have found
the emotional pressure to get into action immediately.

3. Hold in mind the potential for embarrassment

While working on the task hold in mind the embarrassment
you will feel if you don´t complete it. Imagine how
disappointed your friend will be. Think about how that
person will be surprised and let down to see you fail.

This emotional need to avoid disapproval will give you the
incentive you need to move ahead and complete the task.
Before you know it you will have an unstoppable resolve to
complete the task and report your success to your friend.

The potential for embarrassment and the desire for praise
will focus your attention on what needs to be done. What
was once a task that could be put off or even forgotten
quickly become a matter of intense urgency.

Although we might like to think otherwise we are emotional
creatures. Using logic doesn´t always work when it comes to
motivating ourselves and reasoning is never going to light
the fire in your belly.

If you have been trying to reason your way to a state of
lasting motivation you already know that it is not a
solution to the problem.

What you need to do is take charge of those feelings that
stop you from getting ahead such as lethargy, indifference,
apathy and even fear.

Imagine what your day would be like without those limiting
feelings. Imagine how much energy you´d have and how
inspired and excited you´d feel about diving into the day

Again, logic won´t get you to a state of lasting motivation
- you need a step by step proven system. And for people
like you who are open to learning a new and better way I
have a solution that works.

But it is not for everyone.

If you are of at least average intelligence and can follow
simple instructions I can share my secrets with you. Even
better, you can test the system for yourself when you click

Your Friend,

Peter Murphy

P.S. Forget using reason to get motivated, harness the
power of both negative and positive emotions and you´ll
rediscover your passion for life.

If you´ve had enough of dragging yourself through the day
it´s time to get back on the fast track. Test my step by
step motivation system for 365 days - click here now:


Blogger Ryno said...

great blog

im self motivated myself, not always been that way, but its a great change.
wouldnt have it any other way.

"we're blind from birth until we're blinded by truth, then we can see..."

8:17 AM  
Anonymous Matthew said...

It's not a good idea to rely on this technique for constant motivation, but it's great for getting you off your butt and making you take the first step.


6:36 AM  

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