Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Biggest Motivation Mistake You Make

Look at the winners in life and ask yourself: what are they
doing so differently to everyone else? What is their secret?

The secret is staring you in the face. And as soon as you
recognize how blindingly obvious it is you are all set to
join the winners.

The winners circle is populated by men and women who have
control over their negative emotions. Unlike the general
population they don´t view rejection, frustration or
laziness as reasons to stop.

High achievers use negative emotions as feedback i.e. what
I am doing is not working so I need to find a better way.
This attitude transforms problems into opportunities and
lets you live in a world of wonderful possibilities.

You can do the same!

Do not expect negative emotions to go away. You will never
get rid of so called negative emotions so view them in a
different light and start using them to get ahead. This is
what highly successful people do. Why not join them?

The key is to view frustrations as signals to try a
different approach. Clearly, you only get frustrated when
your current approach is not working. And if you keep doing
what does not work you will only become more stressed and

Imagine what your life could be life if rejection didn´t
bother you. What would it be like if procrastination was
just another way to get ahead? Procrastination is simply a
signal you need to pay attention to.

Sometimes procrastination means you need time out but a lot
of the time it means - change your working style. Without
realizing it you may have set your life up in a way that
stops you from being a winner.

Many people put themselves under extreme pressure to do
things they don´t want to do, then fail and then beat
themselves up for falling short again. Life quickly becomes
a series of obstacles you avoid and dread. Does this sound
like you?

If instead you´d like to be a winner again all you need to
do is learn how winners stay motivated. Do exactly what
they do and you´ll take your place in the winners circle.

What do you need to know to become a winner again?

It´s simple really. You must develop the ability to see how
you put off doing what really matters and change this
program to your own personal motivation blueprint - the
motivation style that is right for you.

When you do this you´ll become an achiever again and get
much more done with far greater ease and enjoyment. You´ll
regain control of your life and start to see a very bright
light at the end of the tunnel you were stuck in.

Now, there is a hard way and an easy way to get back on
track. The difficult way could take years and a lot of
effort with no guarantee of success as you attempt to
analyze how you stop yourself from being a winner.

The easy way is to use my step by step system. All the hard
work has been done for you. As long as you are of at least
average intelligence and you follow through you will
quickly rediscover your sense of self motivation and

Click here now and test my system today:

Have Fun,

Peter Murphy

P.S. Here´s what one person had to say after using my
motivation system....

"Peter, you've got a way of showing simply, exactly and
directly how real people can get the results they've been
wanting for so long --- and get 'em now.

No more long waits for the changes we want, and no more
dependence on the gurus. Finally, true Do-It-Yourself comes
to Self-Help! Brilliantly done." -- Charles Burke

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