Tuesday, June 21, 2005

How Self-Made Millionaires Overcome Procrastination

Do you want to know how the super successful overcome

One fascinating hallmark of all highly motivated
millionaires is their strongly held conviction that they
will succeed. They do whatever it takes despite any
challenges that crop up.

How do they overcome procrastination? People who are
inspired by their dreams believe with certainty they will
achieve their goals even if they do not know how all the
details will work out.

This sense of certainty is due in part to their empowering
belief system and also to the way they represent their
goals to themselves inside their minds.

Have you ever got excited about your goals and then slowly
over time lost your enthusiasm? Most people do. The
difference is that the winners in life are able to relight
that passion and desire to keep on going until they get
what they want.

What are these rich and successful people doing differently
to everyone else? They know how to build an internal state
of certainty that they will succeed despite any short-term
challenges. This overcomes procrastination.

You can have this same sense of certainty by visualizing
your top five goals as already achieved at least once a
day. Picture your goals as already achieved and enjoy the
feelings of satisfaction. Hear people complimenting you on
your success and really soak up the feelings of success.

Make the pictures, sounds and feelings as lifelike as
possible. Keep going until you feel with certainty that you
will achieve this goal -- as sure as the sun will rise in
the morning!

If the success of the goal seems uncertain play with the
picture in your mind until it does feel certain. Compare
how you picture, hear and see your goal with your
expectation that the sun will rise tomorrow.

Making the picture bigger, closer, brighter and more
colorful usually helps to make it seem more realistic.

When you do this each day you are telling your unconscious
mind to keep searching for ways to achieve your goal and
you will consistently be motivated. You will also find that
your intuition guides you and presents you with ideas that
will help you to move ahead.

It used to bother me picturing my goals as already achieved
to the point of certainty... I feared that it would make me
lazy since my brain would believe the goal would just turn

And I used to think if I thought of the goal as certain I
would be fooling myself into believing I would achieve it
despite immediate evidence to the contrary.

However the opposite is true. That sense of certainty
propels you forward to create what you are imagining. Plus
when you are off target it stands out a mile because your
results are so inconsistent with your expectations.

You are then compelled to get back on track. Like an artist
expressing himself with paints you can become an artist
creating your goals in the world around you from the
inspiration inside your mind.

You will never have a 100% guarantee that you will succeed
however the more certain you feel about your future the
more energy you will invest in achieving your goals. And
the corresponding actions you take will naturally improve
your chances of success.

A number of years ago I saw Donald Trump getting
interviewed on TV. I paid close attention to the way he
communicated as well as to what he said.

He positively exuded certainty when he spoke about his next
big development. Every fiber of his being proclaimed that
the new venture would be a huge success.

Trump exudes certainty and this success aura attracts
investors and encourages other people to believe in his
vision. You can be sure that when he pictures his goals he
does so with certainty.

Start small if you like and as your confidence grows build
up to bigger goals. Remember to make this a daily habit and
you will be able to keep on going even at times when you
face setbacks.


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