Thursday, June 09, 2005

How The Donald Stays Motivated

How Does Donald Trump Stay Motivated?

Even highly successful people need to keep an eye on
self-motivation. When thousands of people are looking to
you for leadership, guidance and inspiration you cannot
say: "I don´t feel up to it today".

Even Donald Trump, successful and driven as he is, has
moments when he needs to pause, refocus and consciously get

In his best selling book, How to Get Rich, Donald Trump
revealed a clever way to stay motivated. And it won´t cost
you a billion dollars to use this motivation strategy.

Trump describes in his book how he sometimes reviews
previous successes. This is a great way he can inspire
himself to achieve even more.

How does he actually do this?

He keeps a box in his office crammed with newspaper
clippings and letters that serve as reminders of his
success to date. He can sift through the contents of the
box and relive those special moments from his past.

By reading newspaper and magazine articles about his
achievements he can quickly and easily motivate himself to
achieve even bigger goals.

And by re-reading letters from people he respects he can
once again enjoy their endorsement of what he does and what
he has achieved.

This simple act of reviewing previous successes is a
powerful way to shift how you think and feel - to renew
your sense of what is possible and to get you into inspired

The more you condition your mind to focus on what you are
capable of - the more of your abilities you can tap into.
And when you activate more of your potential you will
succeed much more often.

How can you apply this motivation secret today?

1. Surround your work area with evidence of your previous
successes. Place certificates, awards and photos in a
prominent location. Don´t leave them gathering dust in a

2. Keep letters and newspaper clippings that highlight your
achievements. e.g. customer testimonials, trade magazine
articles about new developments you are involved in, notes
of promotions or bonuses you have earned.

3. Review your previous successes on a regular basis. When
you do so you will be conditioning your mind to expect and
create even more success in the future.

As you begin to remind yourself of what you are capable of
you will naturally start to demand more of yourself and
you´ll feel inspired to achieve greater results.

Your motivation will soar and each little success will
build on the previous success to create an unstoppable
motivation that transforms the quality of your life.

Although this motivation secret sounds too simple to be of
any value it really does work. After all, if Donald Trump
pays attention to it, don´t you think you could benefit
from doing the same?

Have Fun,

Peter Murphy

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