Tuesday, May 24, 2005

More Success By Stopping Procrastinaion

Stopping procrastination can be extremely hard for some
individuals. With some simple planning and organization you
can be better equipped in stopping procrastination and have
the time to get a lot more done during your day.

The following are some simple ways you can start stopping
procrastination in its tracks.

1. Setting priorities for what you need to get done during
the day is an excellent start in stopping procrastination.

What are the most important things to get done for the day?
By prioritizing your to do list you will not be overloading
yourself with to many things to get done in a day.

2. Writing things down, making lists, and leaving reminders
around the house for you to see can be a huge help in
stopping procrastination.

This can be accomplished by purchasing a day planner to
write appointments and project deadlines in, you can also
do the same on the calendars in your home.

Post it Notes are another option for keeping track of
things. It will be hard to procrastinate when there are
constant reminders around your home of tasks that need to
be completed.

3. A timer is a wonderful weapon in the fight to end
procrastination. This could be an egg timer or the timer on
your watch or stove. Set your timer for fifteen minutes at
a time a work quickly to complete a task.

It could be cleaning the bathroom, folding and putting away
a load of laundry, or paying a few bills. You could also
find a friend to be cleaning buddies with you.

Work for fifteen minutes then take a small break and call
each other to see how much each of you has accomplished. It
will make cleaning fun and you can keep each other in check
so you both complete everything that needs to be done
around the house.

This will break down your work into smaller sections making
it progress a lot faster for you. If you are able to access
the internet regularly there are many websites geared
toward this method of organizing and completing projects.

4. Set you alarm clock so you wake up an hour or so before
you need to start getting ready to begin your day. Use this
time to prepare that evening’s dinner to cook in your crock
pot, clean the bathroom or straighten up your entry way.

5. Getting rid of the clutter and organizing your home is
an excellent way to stop procrastination. If your home is
clear of things you don’t really need and you are organized
it will be much easier to clear and will also free you to
be working on other things.

6. Another thing you can do to in an effort to stop
procrastination is reward yourself for tasks completed. It
will be make things a lot more enjoyable to do if you know
there is something special waiting for you when you finish.

7. You also need to allow time for relaxation. You need to
try and have an even balance of things you need to do and
things you want to do.

By implementing any of the items mentioned above you will
be well on your way to stopping procrastination in your

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